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Get a Robot to Work Hard for You


For many people, waking up and getting themselves to work is one of the most challenging things to do on a daily basis. One firm has discovered what they think is the perfect solution. The Beam shop in Palo Alto, California, is the place where Suitable Technologies has created technology that allows employees to “beam in” and operate robots that do all the work that they would do if they were in the office, according to BBC News. These robots can do perform tasks such as unlocking shop doors and adjusting the light and temperature of the office. The movement of the robots are controlled by a computer mouse or arrow keys. A person then uses a webcam to display his or her face on the screen.

Scott Hassan, founder of Suitable Technologies, the company that makes this Beam robot, says that these robots are used so often now that no one even objects to their use. Hassan also mentions that in certain cases, customers have not only been able to get past the robot, but they have even been able to get into a relationship with the person controlling the robot! These robots also have a special feature known as “party mode,” which enables background noise to be cut out so that people having private chats can do so at their own leisure without being distracted.

Hassan also says that the robot allows companies to recruit potential employees from an even bigger section of people. I would say that this is a major advantage for companies because then they have more chances to make sure that they select the most qualified employees for the positions that are open. If companies are able to recruit from a bigger pool of people, they will hopefully get the most qualified employees. Also, this opens up opportunities for talented candidates who live on the other side of the world. This is a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee.

However, Suitable Technologies is facing competition from other companies such as Double Robotics and Anybots, both of which make similar products. Hassan says that he is working on making a version of the beam that will allow the robot to fly, and says that although this invention may seem futuristic, these types of inventions will become more commonplace as technology continues to advance.

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