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Denmark Ranked Number One in Green Energy


The country of Denmark has been ranked as the world’s leader when it comes to green energy. Specifically, Denmark was named as the leader in this area among three categories: energy efficiency, sustainable energy, and access to energy, according to a report that was issued by World Bank and reported on the online edition of CCTV.

A photo of Sonderburg Mill in Denmark.

On a 100 point scale, Denmark got a score of 100 in energy access, an 86 in energy efficiency, and a 94 out of 100 in sustainable energy. In order to become even more energy efficient, the Danish government has a long-term goal of meeting at least half of its energy needs by using renewable energy by 2030. Denmark also wants to be totally free of using fossil fuels by 2050.

Such a strategy would greatly reduce air pollution and help the health and well-being of Denmark’s people immensely. This will occur while the United States is thinking of trying to bring back its coal jobs. It is important for all countries around the world to look for ways to help their people live the best lives possible, because as the world’s population increases, there will be many challenges that countries will have to confront. In my view, it is better to be adequately prepared for the future rather than to ignore it.

In 2015, the total export of Denmark’s energy technology amounted to the equivalent of $10.19 billion. This led to the export of 11.1% of total goods exported by Denmark that year, a significant sum.

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