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Mexico Planning to Build 52 New Clean Energy Parks


Mexico’s government is showing drive and ambition when it comes to clean energy. Specifically, the government is planning to build 52 new clean energy parks by 2019, which is estimated to cost around $6.6 billion, according to the government’s Energy Minister Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, as published in the Global Times.

osorio wind farm clean energy
A photo of a wind farm in Osorio.

Wind energy is the clean power source that has seen the largest increase in installed capacity for this huge Spanish speaking nation south of the United States. Wind energy expansion grew over 100% in Mexico in 2015, and it is estimated that in the next 15 years, Mexico is planning to install an additional 12,000 megawatts of wind power capacity. Half of these are under construction or with planning for them already started. Mexico realizes that the world is changing and it is actually doing something about making sure it can contribute to a cleaner and healthier world.

Leopoldo Rodriguez, president of the Mexican Wind Energy Association, revealed that there are already 1,100 megawatts that have been planned. Rodriguez also said that by 2020, Mexico will have reached the 12,000 megawatts, which would mean a total investment of $12 billion. If Mexico is able to reach its goal of 12,000 additional megawatts of wind power, it will not only have a cleaner and healthier country, but this will also set a huge example for its neighbor to the north.

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