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Bionic Suits Help People Walk Again


People who have suffered serious injuries and fear that they may never be able to walk again may now have some hope. There is a new invention that promises to offer much-needed help to people who have received injuries to their spinal cord or suffered a stroke. This new invention is the Ekso Bionics exoskeleton suit.

Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Ekso Bionics, Russ Angold, offered his perspective on this groundbreaking invention. Specifically, Angold commented on the amazing nature of human beings and that the best state or condition is to have these devices enable human beings to get their capabilities back.

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ekso bionic suit large
The Ekso bionic suit pictured here can also help injured military veterans to walk.

One story of a young man that was really helped out by the exoskeleton suit is Matt Tilford, whom Seeker met at Ekso Bionics. Tilford was 18 years old and just days away from graduating from high school when he was paralyzed due to a car accident. It would be four years later until Tilford got the opportunity to test out an exoskeleton suit. Tilford mentioned that as a result of the suit itself, he was able to hold his own legs up able to bear his own weight. However, due to the severity of his injury, it is unlikely that Tilford will be able to walk again without the help of this suit. Even so, the suit is said to have other benefits as well.

What Are Some Other Benefits of the Exoskeleton Bionic Suits?

According to Michael Glover, a physical therapist who works with Ekso Bionics, there are other benefits of this exoskeleton suit, as follows:

  • Improved bowel and bladder function
  • Improved posture

This invention is groundbreaking because it will give injured people a chance to walk again, thus increasing their self-esteem and helping them know that they will be able to rejoin the world of people that are able to stand up on their feet and walk every day.

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